Interesting News Articles

Mysterious Medieval Graves And Ancient Artifacts To Appease Goddess Freya Discovered In Sweden HOME NEW SCIENCE ASTRONOMY PHYSICS EARTH CHANGES MIND & BRAIN COOL SCIENCE FACTS FEATURED STORIES ANCIENT PAGES 2,000-Year-Old Artifacts Rewrite History Of Metallurgy In Northern Sweden

Unique Discovery Of 1,000-Year-Old Viking Toolbox At Circular Fortress ‘Vallø Borgring’ In Denmark

Ancient Artifacts Of The Sami People Revealed As Snow Melts In Lappland

Viking Death House: Unique Tomb With Rare Remains Of Powerful Couple And Artifacts Discovered In Denmark

200 Ancient Amulet Rings With Magical Designs Discovered At Gamla Uppsala, Sweden

Unique Virtual Look At Gamla Uppsala: Sacred Ancient Viking And Pagan Site In Sweden

Discovered 6,000-Year-Old Amulet Offers Evidence Of Ancient High-Tech Knowledge

Sweden’s Blue Maiden ‘Blåkulla’ Island – Mythical Place With Dark Secrets Of Witches And Wizardry

The Vengeance of Ivarr the Boneless Did he, and other Vikings, really use a brutal method of ritual execution called the “blood eagle”?


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