more reading Homosexuality in the Viking World February 3, 2017 Njord Kane Share this: FacebookTwitterGoogle+TumblrPinterestRedditLinkedInMixShare The Norse Sagas and poems have absolutely no mentioning of any homosexual relationships whatsoever. But that does not mean that there weren’t any gay or lesbian relationships amongst the people of the North. It also does not mean that gay, lesbian, or bisexual … Continue reading more reading

Vættir Vættir Huldrefolk, Huldufólk, Landvættir, Væsen, Väsen, Vättar   Vættir is a term that loosely describe mythical beings and nature spirits in the Norse religion. These creatures divide up into 'families', including the Álfar (elves), Dvergar (dwarves), Jötnar (giants), and even gods, the Æsir and Vanir. Landvættir (land spirits) are chthonic guardians of specific grounds whereas Sjövættir … Continue reading Vættir