Various interesting looking online exhibits Myths + Heroes Cincinnati Art Museum From <; THE ORIGIN OF ROMANESQUE ART  Fundación Santa María la Real From <; Evacuation and Liberation of the Auschwitz Camp  Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum From <; Online Exhibit A Slave Pen Journey National Underground Railroad Freedom Center From <; Online Exhibit Photographs from … Continue reading Various interesting looking online exhibits

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Vǫrđr and Gandr: Helping Spirits in Norse Magic- The Gandr

The Gandr The Gandus and Lappish Shamanism Lapps are frequently to be encountered in Old Norse literature; when they are not being tyrannised for payments of tax in the form of furs, they are presented as powerful fortune-tellers and magicians.   … That the Lapps’ renown for magic powers existed not merely in the realm … Continue reading Vǫrđr and Gandr: Helping Spirits in Norse Magic- The Gandr